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Employee value proposition

“We attract the best talent and foster employee pride in belonging to TotalEnergies”

 When you join us, it is not for a job but a “CAREER” - You join us for a career and not for a job which means that you are on a journey to help the Company achieve its objectives whilst you build your career through domestic and international job assignments.

With the understanding that the Company is only ever as good as its people, TotalEnergies assesses its talent pool and possible career paths for its  staff  twice a year. At this point the company considers the requirements for particular roles and where specific people would best fit.

TotalEnergies believes in developing strong ties with its people that goes beyond basic payment and furthermore aims to assist in the development of its people as far as possible, at the same time offering them a number of highly competitive and attractive benefits including but not limited to Medical Aid, Provident Fund, Performance Rewards, Employee Share Scheme etc. The Company holds to the basic principle that the creation of a stable and secure working environment which recognizes and rewards enthusiasm is core to any successful business. To this end, TotalEnergies has invested in a significant number of different and highly creative initiatives, from secondary benefits and working conditionshrough to performance management programmes, which are not only well thought out and structured, but which are equally well aligned with the culture of the Company.

Our Coaching and Mentorship programme called “Leaving the Legacy” is partnered with experienced professionals within the Company who have various talents and in this way they  impart their extensive knowledge to the learner.

A buddy system for graduates is also in existence and allows brand new employees to have substantial support during the first three months of their careers. This further enhances employee engagement because of the relationships built.