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Discover Excellium, the premium fuel for your engine.

Benefit from the premium 3-in-1 fuel developed by TotalEnergies.

Excellium combines multiple benefits for your engine thanks to three carefully chosen additives:
  • Anti-deposit

    With an ultra-efficient detergent action, Excellium combats dirt, helping prevent up to 99%(1) of engine clogging. It also gets rid of existing deposits that can undermine the performance of your engine.

    (1) Excellium prevents up to 99% of clogging in gasoline and diesel engines compared to fuels with no additives. Tests were carried out by an independent body.
  • Anti-wear

    With a powerful lubricant effect, our premium fuel reduces friction between metal engine components by up to 38%(2). This reduces the risk of fragile parts in the injection pump wearing out – meaning your engine lasts longer.

    (2) Excellium reduces wear and tear on petrol engine components by up to 38%. It also enhances the lubricating effect of diesel fuel compared to fuel with no additives. Tests were carried out using our in-house method.
  • Anticorrosion

    Excellium protects your engine parts from corrosion(3) by preventing rust developing in the contact with condensation, rain and spray.

    (3) Excellium has obtained an “A” performance rating for corrosion protection in petrol and diesel engines. This corresponds to the highest level according to international NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) standards.

Keep your engine clean with our multi-action fuel.

  • Get more kilometers thanks to the combined action of our 3 powerful additives.

    (4) Compared to fuels with no additives.
    Tests were carried out by an independent body in 2022 on a petrol engine.
    Results may vary according to engine type.
  • Protect your engine with an enhanced cleaning action that prevents deposits from forming.

  • Reduce polluting emissions by improving your engine performance.

A premium fuel resulting from TotalEnergies research.

  • >40*

    researchers working
    in France

    * to develop new products in partnership with automotive and equipment manufacturers.

  • >5000*


    * to produce even more effective additives.

  • >2years*

    of continuous work by our fuel experts

    * to optimise the Excellium range

  • >20months

    of testing

  • >6

    molecules at the heart
    of our formula

  • >900*

    engine bench

    * over 8,500 hours of road testing and 350,000 km covered.

Choose Excellium, Choose Quality




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Quality control

The quality of our fuel is a priority. Our teams check Excellium fuels to guarantee high quality and compliance at every step of the supply chain, right up to the petrol station. We have implemented dedicated procedures to ensure the fuel has not been affected by pollution, water or oxidation.

Choosing Excellium means choosing consistent quality for petrol and diesel engines.