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LPG energy can be used in many commercial applications and is ideal and economical for cooking and cooling equipment, space heaters, boilers and more. Besides being flexible, reliable and affordable, LPG can offer considerable economic and environmental benefits over the use of oil, solid fuel or electricity.

In fact, LPG generates heat which is instantly available and readily controlled.  Thanks to its reduced carbon emissions, LPG is environmentally cleaner which means that appliances therefore require less maintenance than with any other fuel.

For this usage, Totalgaz has a wide range of bulk tanks that can be buried underground or installed above the ground.  Alternatively, the tanks may be replaced by cylinders for smaller installations.  A multi-occupancy site can also be devised with a supply from a central storage tank through an individual meter to restaurants or commercial sites.



LPG is used for heating purposes in many factories, warehouses, showrooms and industrial units.  LPG-powered radiant heaters are often used in these environments because of their quick response and specific directional heating. Very easily controlled with thermostats and time switches, these heaters create a comfortable working environment where productivity can consequently be optimised.



From fresh produce to bulk meat preservation, LPG has assisted this industry to improve cold storage facilities throughout the country. LPG adheres to the strictest regulations and assists in maintaining a non-pollutant atmosphere resulting in only the freshest products offered to the consumers.



Isn’t it a pleasure to walk into an air-conditioned mall on a hot summer day? Who would have thought that this could be made possible by using LPG? LPG can, in fact, power the air-conditioning of many facilities making your working environment a more pleasant place.