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Important Information for new Dealer Applicants

Required Documents

  • Full set of CIPC company documents
  • Police clearence certificate for main applicant & all CIPC listed directors (not older than 3 months from date of submission)
  • Company Share Certificates
  • Dealer Applicant needs to be the majority shareholder of the submitted CIPC company

  • Certified ID copy (not older than 3 months from date of submission)
  • Proof of own funds contribution not funding from a financial institutions (not older than 3 months from date of submission)
  • Updated CV

Filling out the TotalEnergies application form

  • Please fill in ALL fields on the form, and where information is not applicable, please insert "N/A"
  • The application submission will not be complete unless all fields are fillled in and none are left blank.
  • Please tiltle attachments appropriately

Screening Process  

  • Received applications will be screened based on TotalEnergies set criteria
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for panel interview and business plan after 1 week when application closes

Dealer’s requirements

  • TotalEnergies requires that a dealer reside no further than 30km from the site they operate
  • Applicant applying for a service station outside their current home address have to prove that they will relocate if appointed as the dealer
  • TotalEnergies requires the appointed dealer to be full-time and hands on in the business with no exceptions

Psychometric Assessment

  • Psychometric assessment to be completed within 7 days of the notice date (~R9,600 at applicant’s cost, subject to change)
  • Final decision is made after the assessment and interview feedback

Appointed candidates ONLY

  • Compulsory 6 weeks TotalEnergies Dealer training to be paid in full prior to the start of the training (~R30,000 at applicant’s cost)
  • TotalEnergies Dealer training takes place in Johannesburg only, so transport and accommodation to Johannesburg is for the applicant’s cost

Retail License

  • Dealer is required to apply for Retail license at Department of Energy (DoE) prior to taking over the service station
  • Retail license application at the (DoE) is at the applicant’s cost


  • Appointed candidates are required to source their own funding from recognised financial institutions, and they are given 3 months to finalise their funding
  • TotalEnergies does not provide any funding for the purchase of the service station

Disclaimer/ Terms and conditions

  • The acceptance of the application form and moving to the next stage of the application process does not constitute an offer of the service station
  • TotalEnergies reserves the right to withdraw the appointment of the candidate at any stage of the application process and will not be liable for any costs incurred
  • TotalEnergies decision is final regarding the outcomes of the application
  • The applicant is ONLY appointed once he/she receives a signed appointment letter from TotalEnergies
  • TotalEnergies is committed to transformation as defined in the Liquid Fuels Charter (, and as a result this will be taken into account in the appointment of the dealer
  • TotalEnergies may not be legally held liable for any personal loss incurred during the process of applying to be a TotalEnergies dealer. Be it physical or financial.

Frequently asked questions

How do I become a TotalEnergies Dealer?

Applicant must search for an available site in one of the provinces and apply for the site that is suitable to them.  Please ensure that you fill out the TotalEnergies application form and submit ALL required documents if you want to be considered.  Missing documents will mean that your application will not be considered.

Is there a qualifying criteria to be a TotalEnergies Dealer?


  • No existing dealers will be considered including different brands
  • No existing Oil Company employees will be considered, and TotalEnergies has an internal set criteria that is used when selecting an ideal dealer

What is the process after submitting an application for a site?

  • Only applications received prior to the due date will be considered
  • Only applications that are completed properly and accompanied with all the requested documents will be considered
  • Suitable candidates will be shortlisted from the applications and notified via e-mail to conduct a full Due Diligence of the site by putting together a Business Plan and a 5-year Financial Forecast
  • At the end of the Due Diligence period the shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by a TotalEnergies panel
  • The Final Dealer Applicant will be notified and requested to have a psychometric assessment done at their cost
  • The Final Dealer Applicant will also undergo a full Compliance check (credit, criminal and company)

Does TotalEnergies provide funding for applicants?

No.  The applicant needs to source his/her own funding required for the service station including the cost for the assessment, compulsory TotalEnergies dealer training and DoE retail license application.

What is the minimum amount I need to have to apply for a service station?

TotalEnergies does not prescribe a minimum requirement, however we require that an applicant commits some of his/her own capital.

Are there funding institutions willing to fund applicants for service stations?

Yes.  There are municipal, provincial and national funding organizations, as well as commercial banks that will fund applicants.  The applicant has to engage these institutions directly.  TotalEnergies will not engage with these institutions on behalf of a candidate.

How long does the process take?

  • Application process, Due Diligence, Interview process & award of appointment letter (approximately two to two & half months)
  • SIMULTANEOUS APPLICATIONS:  Retail license application at DoE (3-4 months) & Funding application (3 months)
  • Compulsory TotalEnergies Dealer Training (6 weeks) – training will start during the Retail license & Funding application process

If I own land and I want to build my own site, what does TotalEnergies require?

New site developments are managed by our Retail Investment Team.

  • Deed of ownership for the land
  • Municipal zoning approval for that land
  • Completed Environmental assessment report
  • Traffic count report
  • Business plan