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Customer Services

Customer Care

At our Customer Service department, we receive your enquiries, compliments and complaints and channel them to those deserving. We also follow up on your complaints and queries to ensure that you get immediate answers to all your enquiries. 

For queries that require investigation and consultation, we ensure to get the expert and let you know the status within reasonable time. The Customer Service team also provide you with information on all your account and procurement queries.

Never hesitate to contact us on our customer care line:

0861 429 100

 We also provide you with the following:

  • Follow up on all your queries
  • Compliments and complaints handling and channelling to Totalgaz personnel and suppliers
  • Marketing information and procurement processes
  • Channelling specialised maintenance / service requirements to Totalgaz internal experts.

Account Queries

For all your account queries, please contact us.

  • Payment arrangements
  • Copy of invoices
  • Statements
  • Credits issues
  • Other related issues.


Call our hotline in case of emergency:

0861 429 100