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It is adviseable to remain with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation obtained from the above sources.  If more than one product is presented as an option, speak to a TotalEnergies representative or contact us for advice on which product would be most suitable.


The oil gets degraded because of oxidation due to high temperatures reached in the engine compartment and this degradation reduces the properties of the oil which protects your engine.


The vehicle manufacturer usually gives the recommendation based on the oil used.  This is normally based on kilometres or years - check your car booklet.

It is recommended for you to make use of a reputable service provider or the vehicle manufacturer close to you.


Viscosity is the thickness of the oil or resistance of the oil to flow.

  • Monograde oil protects your engine sufficiently at the operating temperature (SAE 30 - One Number)
  • Multigrade oil protects your engine sufficiently at operating temperature and provides additional protection during start-up.

  • 5W-30 means that this is a multigrade oil. This is indicated by the two numbers separated by a "W"
  • 5W - shows thickness/viscosity of the oil on a start-up - when you start the car (W - stands for Winter, this indicates oil performance under colder engine temperatures when the engine has not been running)
  • 30 - shows the thickness/viscosity of the oil when the car is moving (operating temperature, when the car has been running)


Please note that there is a difference between viscosity and viscosity index (VI).

  • Viscosity decreases at higher temperatures
  • The viscosity classification on the packaging is at a specific temperature
  • Higher VI means that the oil thickness decreases to a lesser extent than an oil with a lower VI
  • Multigrade oils and synthetic oils have higher VI, therefore they can better withstand changes in viscosity due to temperature


  • Mineral oil is refined from crude oil
  • Synthetic oil is altered by chemical processes to enhance the properties and purity of the oil
  • Synthetic oil is less prone to oil degradation and can have other unique properties depending on the type of synthetic oil


  • You need to know if it is a two stroke or four stroke engine because they use different oils
  • If it is two stroke, the mixing ratio of oil and fuel is specified by the motorcycle manufacturer

  • Based on the specification recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer (Usually JASO MA spec)
  • If the motorcycle is fitted with a wet clutch an oil with a JASO MA specification is recommended