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Heavy-duty fleet management



Anyone who owns and manages fleets of trucks, buses or coaches knows that business success rests on the assiduous vehicle care and maintenance. By choosing the right products and working with lubricant providers who know and care as much about your fleet as you do, you'll boost your business and ensure that your fleet stays in top form, day in and day out.

Reduce costs by reducing downtime

An inoperable fleet is an unprofitable fleet. Choosing the right lubricant is a crucial first step in the maintenance of your vehicles. Our lubricants reduce operational downtime by protecting your vehicles' engines, thus preventing mechanical problems.

Enhance fuel economies and minimize pollutants

A well-oiled engine is an efficient engine, which is why investing in top-quality lubricants that offer fuel economy is a strategic way to reduce costs, save time, and guarantee the long-term health of your fleet. In addition, our lubricants are designed to reduce emissions of CO2 and other pollutants, making them a smart choice for eco-conscious fleet owners and operators.

A range of lubricants to meet every need

Rubia range of manufacturer-approved lubricants is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Our diverse products are suitable for all different brands of truck, bus and coach, and TotalEnergies will work with you to identify the specific products that will best meet your needs and keep your fleet on the road.