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TotalEnergies attitude and values

Our culture is about:

“It’s up to us to break the mould and think outside the box”

“It’s up us to be attentive to the people around us”

Cross Functionality              
“It’s up to us take advantage of our synergies”

Mutual Support                    
“It’s up to us to support each other through good and bad times"


Our people are our most valuable asset which is why we have an enabling culture that celebrates diversity. Employees commit to the “TotalEnergies Attitude” – they embrace a high performance culture and professionalism, underpinned by ethical behavior, good governance and acceptable corporate citizenship.

At TotalEnergies we have an equitable recruitment policy focusing on quick integration within the Company as well as a supportive business culture that embraces diversity and transparency. Our development strategy emphasizes the continuous improvement of employee skills and staff retention programmes.