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Car dealer franchises and garages



At TotalEnergies, we understand the complex challenges that car dealer franchises and garages face in today's dynamic business climate. In a sector as competitive as yours, every decision impacts the longevity of your business, and the choice of which lubricants you use is no exception.

By selecting from TotalEnergies' extensive range of products, you not only ensure that you're treating your vehicles with optimum care, but you're also making a strategic budgetary decision. We are a one-stop shop for all the lubricants you could require, and we carry a lubricant for every purpose.

Benefiting your business

Choosing TotalEnergies lubricants tells your customers that you are conscientious and ambitious, and that you do not compromise on quality when caring for their automobiles. TotalEnergies is one of the most respected names in the market because of the intensive research and development we conduct to create products that:

  • protect against wear by reducing friction and corrosion,
  • prevent engines from overheating,
  • safeguard cylinder compression and maximum engine efficiency,
  • ensure engines are clean by preventing the deposit of impurities.

The fuel-economy lubricants in the Quartz line go even further by:

  • helping to reduce fuel consumption, thereby cutting running costs,
  • benefiting the environment by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.

Ideal for both single- and multi-brand businesses

TotalEnergies/ELF's lubricants cover every need you may have, whether you're a single- or a multi-manufacturer dealership or garage. Known for our expertise, passion, and the prestige of our products, TotalEnergies works closely with clients to help them achieve their full potential.