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TotalEnergies sells and delivers a wide range of marine products such as fuels, gas oils, and lubricants to ship owners, charterers, ship operators, and other buyers.

Our two brands, Marine Fuels and Lubmarine, are here to offer you the best quality of products and service from the quotation to the physical delivery.

Our service includes coordination and follow-up of vessel delivery operations in compliance with the relevant sales contract and local requirements.

The company services vessels in the Durban, Richards Bay, Cape Town and Walvis Bay harbours.


For international bunkering, TotalEnergies Marine Fuels International will take charge of your fuel needs all over the world.


TotalEnergies provides marine oils for all marine applications in all kinds of engines and hydraulic systems.

We provide:

  • Outboard Motor Oils
  • Diesel Engines Oils
  • Gear Oils
  • Hydraulic Transmission Oils
  • Rotary Screw Compressors Oils
  • Heavy Turbo Charger Oils
  • Vacuum Pumps Oils
  • Rotary Vane Compressors Oils
  • Centrifuges, Deck Machinery, Elevators...

Expert technical service

Lubricants are a remarkable indicator of the overall functioning and wear on a ship at sea. In “normal” engine operating conditions the deterioration of a lubricant takes place at a “normal” speed, i.e. very slowly. Severe conditions and engine malfunctions cause faster deterioration. Monitoring a lubricant in service and analysing the results determine the condition not only of the lubricant, but that of the engine, the main auxiliaries on board, and their components.

Lubmarine offers a range of services that do just that. At the same time, they reassure shipowners, engineers and engine manufacturers with regard to maintenance and performance, and enable them to solve difficulties that may arise at sea.

Customers especially appreciate Lubmarine’s onboard visits, during which Technical Department experts collect figures and data on in-service results, provide follow-up on engine evolution, and offer the chief engineer assistance and advice. In recent years, and particularly with the broader, indeed worldwide, use of the Internet, these services have been radically improved and accelerated by computerisation.