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Excellium Diesel D10

Excellium Diesel D10


Introducing an innovative diesel offering from TotalEnergies - Excellium Diesel D10

Excellium Diesel D10 is designed to provide our customers with more kilometers on each tank, allowing them to go the extra mile without worrying about refueling frequently. By using Excellium Diesel D10, our customers can experience increased fuel efficiency, ultimately resulting in cost savings.  Furthermore, Excellium Diesel D10 not only benefits our customers, but it also extends the lifespan of their engines. By using this advanced diesel product, the wear and tear on the engine components are reduced, resulting in a longer and more reliable engine life.

Discover the 3 in 1 power of our premium diesel

  • More Kilometres: Using Exceliium Diesel D10 will result in more kilometres benefit as it is specifically engineered to provide superior fuel efficiency
  • Lower CO₂ emissions: Reduce polluting emissions by improving the peformance of your engine.
  • Longer Engine lifespan: The fuel contains special additives and detergents that help to keep the engine cleaner and prevent the formation of engine deposits. This leads to better engine performance and reduced wear and tear, ultimately extending the life of the engine. 


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