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At TotalEnergies, we have been supporting companies in the mining sector for decades.

The result of this collaboration is a range of innovative products and integrated solutions specifically tailored to the mining industry.

Thanks to our global network of refineries and processing plants, TotalEnergies Mining Solutions can provide support to customers wherever they are in the world, even the most remote sites.

With experience on more than 200 mining operations and in more than 40 countries, we are here to help you on the path to operational excellence and mining success.

Begin your partnership with TotalEnergies today.

“The TotalEnergies technical teams regularly visit our sites to take part in technical meetings and ensure the quality and performance of their products. They have been professional and have added value to our operations.”



“TotalEnergies provides a high level of service in the supply of lubricants. We have never experienced a shortage or any quality concerns.”



“The TotalEnergies team was really committed to implementing the best possible practices for the supply and management of fuels and lubricants in our aluminium plants, as well as our mining sites in Europe and Africa.”


Rio Tinto



At TotalEnergies, safety is our priority. As a result, we have created what we call the “12 Golden Rules” of mining safety based on industry experience and feedback.

These rules form a real course of action for everyone involved in the industry: your company, TotalEnergies employees and partner companie.

In that spirit, we provide continuous training of drivers and permanent monitoring of our fleet of vehicles to ensure the safe and secure transport of our products. We also regularly review our performance to ensure safe and reliable service.


From the refinery to the mine, we are with you at every step. Our comprehensive range of services has been designed to help protect your machines and employees, increase your productivity and reduce costs.

Reduce operating costs

Let us help you manage and optimize your energy consumption, technical aspects and operational activities to help you reduce operating costs.


The TotalEnergies Research & Development Centre, in collaboration with equipment manufacturers, is committed to providing the mining industry with innovative products designed to help you succeed.


Because fuel is essential for your business, we ensure reliable delivery at any stage of the production chain. In addition, our range of quality additives are specifically designed for mining operations, allowing you to extend the lifespan of your equipment and improve energy performance.

Oils and lubricants

We offer a complete range of oil and lubricant products to help maintain your machines. Our lubricants extend the life of your equipment, increase their productivity and reduce operating costs, all while meeting international standards.