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How to replace a cylinder


Before connecting your cylinder

  • Make sure to never store your LP gas bottle near a direct source of heat (such as a stove, heater, fire, direct sunlight or boot for a long period of time). LP gas expands when hot and this can sometimes damage the valve, the hose or the cylinder.
  • Always try to transport an LP gas bottle in an upright position and not on its side. If it is in the boot of your car, try to secure it to prevent it from falling over, rolling around and possibly getting damaged.
  • When using your cylinder, always make sure to place it on a level surface so that it cannot easily fall over.

How to connect your full cylinder

  • Tear off the safety seal or remove the plastic safety cap placed on the valve of the cylinder.
  • When mounting the regulator on the filled cylinder:
  • Ensure that the switch on the regulator is in the ‘OFF’ position.
  • Take the regulator and lift up the black plastic locking ring.
  • Place the regulator vertically on the cylinder valve and press it down with a gentle turning motion. The pressure regulator is now locked in place.
  • Open the valve on the LPG cylinder by turning the switch anti-clockwise. This allows the gas to pass through the regulator to the stove.
  • To light the stove, hold a lit match near the top of the burner and proceed only then to open the tap of the stove.
  • After use, shut off the taps of the appliances.
  • After using the appliance, turn the switch on the regulator clockwise to the ‘OFF’ position.

How to disconnect your empty cylinder

  • Put out any naked flames such as lit cigarettes, candle lights, open-fire chimneys in the kitchen or in other nearby rooms.
  • Do not operate any torch or electric switches. In fact, electrical switches and cell torches generate sparks when switched ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.
  • Close all the taps on the appliance and burner.
  • Turn the switch from the ‘ON’ position to the ‘OFF’ position by turning the switch clockwise. By doing this, the cylinder valve is closed.
  • Hold the regulator, lift up the black plastic locking ring and pull up the regulator by gently turning it so as to detach it from the cylinder valve.