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  • 11 December – The company, Total Oil Products (Pty) Ltd, is registered as a private company in Pretoria.
  • 14 December – Inaugural Board meeting held.


  • December – Lourenco Marques terminal and first Isando terminal completed; first seven service stations in Johannesburg, three in Pretoria, and one each in Roodepoort and Benoni completed.


  • January – Agreement signed in Mozambique with local company SONAP to market and distribute Total products in that part of Africa.
  • March – First gallon of Total petrol, from a Total service station, is sold.


  • September – First Total-sponsored Total-Lourenco Marques Rally.
  • December – Durban terminal (today known as Island View Terminal) completed.


  • 3 April – Total signs first contract with National Parks Board.
  • First free carrier bags were introduced in the Kruger National Park.
  • Former Total-Lourenco Marques Rally becomes an international event of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, now named “Total Rally”.
  • The first large advertising campaign was launched with road safety as the theme, under the name “Total safety check”.
  • TOTAL calendars became available for the first time with dealers’ names overprinted, at a cost of 1/- per calendar.
  • The prestige Illovo Service Station is opened in Johannesburg.


  • February – New Cape Town ocean terminal completed; and a month later the Cape branch office opens.


  • Introduction of new oil - Total Altigrade.
  • Formation of the study team in Head Office, with the task to undertake a comprehensive study of information systems for the purpose of improving the overall efficiency of the company. Mr. C.I. Smuts is appointed as the study manager.


  • Launch of a very successful advertising campaign, with the theme “Discover your country”.
  • Opening of our own blending plant at the Durban terminal.


  • In terms of an agreement with the government, Total took part in the construction of the first national crude oil refinery at Sasolburg. A new subsidiary was formed for that purpose, Total Refining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. (TORSA), as a participant in the refinery.
  • In conformity with group’s policy, the company changes the name to Total South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  • Contract for supply of fuel was awarded to Total for the Orange River Development project.
  • A concession was granted to the exploration consortium consisting of Total, Shell, BP and Mobil for off-shore oil exploration. Total  represented in the consortium by a new formed subsidiary, Total Exploration South Africa (Pty) Ltd. (TESA).
  • At the year-end an announcement was made to the effect that that was the first year the company had made a profit.


  • Total starts marketing in South West Africa.
  • Launch of “Galoob” advertising campaign.


  • Volkskas Limited obtains an interest of 14,3% in Total South Africa, with the right to increase its participation.


  • Total commences marketing of liquified petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Off-shore drilling on the first well commences at a location approximately 96 kilometres from Plettenburg Bay.


  • The NATREF refinery, in which Total has a 30% interest, comes on stream.
  • Total achieves a fully integrated stage of development, by being involved in exploration, refining, storage, distribution and marketing of a comprehensive range of petroleum products to all categories of trade.


  • Total, in conjunction with Mobil and Caltex, opens a lubricating oil refinery in Durban to manufacture base oils. The company operating the refinery is known as S.A. Oil Refining (Pty) Ltd. (SAFOR).
  • Union Corporation and U.C. Investments obtain an interest of 11,11% in Total, while Volkskas increases its shareholding to 18,06%.


  • Old Mutual secures a 5% interest in Total South Africa, bringing South African shareholding in Total to 34,17%.
  • Launch of GTS oil.


  • A partnership is formed by TESA, Usutu Koolmyne Bpk. and BP, for the development of the Ermelo coal deposit in the Transvaal.
  • The first Total Trans-Kalahari Road Race.


  • Total’s Head Office moves into the new building: Total House, in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.


  • The formation of Total South West Africa, Total Swaziland and Total Transkei as subsidiary companies in neighbouring territories, to keep pace with developments in those areas.


  • C.F.P. purchases the last shares held by Union Corporation and U.C. Investments in Total South Africa, in terms of the provisions of the shareholders agreement.
  • The first export of coal from Ermelo Mines.


  • Total helps to establish a Drought Relief Fund in co-operation with the South African Agricultural Union.


  • Total, The Paris Chamber of Commerce, the Urban Foundation, NAFCOC and the BMF establish the Joint Management and Development Programme.


  • Total sponsors the World FIVA Rally (Southern Hemisphere) to commemorate the centenary of the motorcar.


  • Total celebrates 30 years of motorsport sponsorship with the Total Commemorative Rally.


  • Total plays host to the Southern African leg of the Total Paris Sirte Le Cap Marathon Rally.
  • Launch of Total Quartz range of lubricant.


  • Petroport Panorama opened, a first for South Africa. 


  • Opening of Total’s own grease plant.
  • Total relocates to new Rosebank office.