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Agricultural Uses for LPG


Clean, cost-effective and easily controllable, LPG can be used in any crop or agricultural application. 

Potatoes, wheat, maize and onions can all be dried economically and very efficiently thanks to LPG. 

From keeping livestock warm to providing a cleaner burning fuel for drying or growing any kind of agricultural product, LPG is used by farmers in dozens of different ways every day.

Thanks to this ‘modern’ green fuel, farmers and growers are able to increase their output and improve the quality of their products.

Green House Heating

The growth process of many fruits and vegetables in glasshouses and polytunnels can be improved by using LPG. In addition to being flexible and highly controllable, gas-powered systems can, in fact, provide the added advantage of releasing CO2 as a by-product. The correct balance of CO2 is the key ingredient to a successful horticultural crop.

Flame Weeding

We are constantly looking for alternative methods to chemicals in order to grow more natural, agricultural products. LPG is often used in intensive cropping systems where a high level of heat is required in order to kill weeds, germs or diseases that may be present in the ground. Totalgaz can provide you with solutions to create a healthy seedbed economically, efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Crop Drying

LPG is often used in this agricultural application because of its highly controllable nature. Whatever your crop, Totalgaz will supply you with the kind of fuel that can maintain an optimum drying temperature. Potatoes, wheat, maize, barley, etc can then be dried at an optimum level for the most suitable usage.

Poultry Rearing

A reliable energy supply is a matter of life and death for poultry farmers. At Totalgaz we understand this special need for this important sector. Birds thrive on consistent levels of heat and on a stress-free environment in which to grow healthily. LPG produces the moist heat necessary to promote rapid growth as well as the feathering of chickens. Moreover, thanks to the clean properties of LPG feeds or broods do not run the danger of contamination. Taking into account that so much is at stake in your business, it will come as no surprise to you that we are striving to provide you with a consistent supply of heat and high levels of technical expertise.

Waste Incineration

LPG-powered on-site incinerators are able to rapidly dispose of waste and unwanted byproducts. The high performance level of LPG and the intense heat generated will destroy any vermin and disease consequently minimising the risk of contamination. Totalgaz will provide you with a solution that will remove the threat of livestock loss as well as a solution that will guarantee complete control over the disposal process.


Distillation is the process of making spirits from fruit, cereals, plants and vegetables. The two main operations in spirit distillation are the heating of fermented preparations and the condensation of alcoholic vapours. LPG can therefore be used in this process thanks to its flexibility of use, environmentally friendly attributes and high yields of heat. The best cognacs are distilled using this process.