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Lubricant technical assistance

TotalEnergies Lubricants Technical Division consists of a team of Lubricants Technical Advisors headed by the Lubricants Technical Manager. This team is empowered and committed to delighting our customers.

The Lubricants Technical Division manages the introduction of new products into the local and export markets. The department is constantly in touch with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and TotalEnergies Group's Head Office in Paris to keep abreast with the latest developments in lubricant technology and application.

The department assists the Procurement teams to source the correct raw materials to manufacture our products. It assists the Lubricants Manufacturing Plant (LMP) by ensuring use of approved product formulations to manufacture our superior products.

The department assists Sales teams to make correct product recommendations to customers. Incorrect product applications can result in severe equipment damages, and this costs money and time. Last but not least, the division provides continuous after sale support to customers.

The support provided by the Lubricants Technical Department includes the following amongst other things:

  • Providing technical support and guidance to the lubricants manufacturing plant (LMP) and customers.
  • Managing product formulations.
  • Managing oil analysis monitoring programme.
  • Training of sales teams and customers on TotalEnergies lubrication in general.
  • Investigating and effectively resolving customer complaints and claims.
  • Conducting quality and product audits across the supply chain, including supplier, product and plant audits.

For queries regarding lubricants technical issues, please contact the TotalEnergies Customer Care Centre on [email protected]