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TotalEnergies Solar lights the way with Safe, Quality and Affordable Solar-Powered Lights

These solar lights rely 100% on the sun for power and come with their own mini self-sustaining solar panel. All the products in the range provide superior light intensity and are safer than candles and paraffin. Some even include cellphone charging capabilities, which is particularly beneficial for people living without electricity.

The S300 D.Light comes with a built-in NiMH battery, 50 000-hour LED light and a separate, weather-resistant solar panel (not built-in to the lamp). It can charge up to five different types of cellphones (cellphone adapters included) and offers four brightness settings – high (studying and precision work), medium (cooking and working), low (socialising) and bed light (resting and sleeping). On ‘high’ you can read and work easily up to one metre from the lamp and within a two metre radius (two to three people). A full day’s charge lasts between 4 and 100 hours depending on the setting used. The battery can also be charged via a power point using a small (2mm) Nokia phone charger.

The Sundaya T-Light Kit is a solar home system that can be expanded gradually. It comes with its own solar panel, up to four bayonet lamps, connection hub (linking the lamps to the solar panel), and four cellphone adapters. Unlike the solar lamps, this system doesn’t have a battery and allows you to put the solar panel on or next to the roof of your house outside and connect the lamps directly into the system inside. Sundaya T-Lights offer three brightness settings – high (precision work), medium (studying/cooking) and low (socialising). The system can be expanded upon by buying additional kits and connecting these into the existing hubs, effectively allowing you to bring light into every room of your home. A full days’ charge lasts between 6 and 60 hours, depending on the setting used.

The TotalEnergies Solar range is available through all TotalEnergies forecourts across the country, TotalEnergies Distribution Centres, Head Office, as well as through selected NGOs. By partnering with NGOs in this way, the project utilises a novel approach to its ‘last mile’ distribution, which includes the training of unemployed South Africans who will be empowered to sell the products in their communities.

“We believe that because of the likely popularity of the TotalEnergies Solar range of products, this project has the potential to create new job opportunities through the selling and distribution process,” says TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa’s General Manager: Lubricants & Specialities, Chris Walkinshaw.