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Cultural Dialogue and Heritage

Our Cultural Dialogue and Heritage actions

TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation works to ensure access to culture for as many people as possible, to foster equal opportunities and build a fairer and more sustainable society. To give everyone access to culture, TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation supports players who play an active role across the regions as well as art and cultural education projects nationwide, which develop young people’s ability to take a    ction and play an active role in society. 

For TotalEnergies Corporate Foundation  professional inclusion, young people and regional appeal are at the heart of its commitment, through 3 main courses of action: 

  • Preserving and promoting heritage buildings, through restoration projects that catalyze professional integration.
  • Supporting artistic creativity with a social impact, by and for young people, through art education programs.
  • Promoting cultural diversity to help people reach out to one another.

Objectives and locations of initiatives


Encouraging openness to other cultures and emphasize the value of heritage..


  • Gauteng
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal Provinces

Impact and Reach

  • 21
    Jobs created
  • 260
  • 25
    Artists / Bands

Acting for youth with our partners


Our areas of action for young people