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At TotalEnergies we are committed to meeting the energy needs of a growing global population by providing energy solutions that are affordable, reliable and clean.


This requires a response that is twofold; we must actively participate in the global effort to provide more sustainable and affordable energy solutions, and we must commit to better understand and respond to the changing needs of our customers.


To this end, we are embracing our role as a catalyst of change and building a sound global business that is well positioned to deliver solutions in response to this global challenge.

This has informed four strategic focus areas in which we are;

  • expanding our operations in natural gas, the fossil energy with the lowest emissions,
  • growing our presence in low-carbon electricity,
  • gradually withdrawing from certain types of oil, improving energy efficiency at our facilities and promoting sustainable biofuels,
  • developing businesses that contribute to carbon neutrality.

We are also aware of the challenges that are facing our customers, particularly those in the energy sector and related fields such as mining. The sector is persistently under pressure on all fronts with a volatile operating environment, community and environmental expectations and mandates, and the need to continually improve operational efficiencies. At  TotalEnergies we are mindful of these challenges and invest significantly in research and development to develop and implement innovative solutions for our customers. We have pioneered developments in fuel and associated products with innovations such as Excellium - a fuel which keeps injectors clean, thereby increasing the lifespan of an engine, and reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions; and Rubiaworks - a range of dedicated mining oils that reduces the time spent in maintenance hours and delivers outstanding engine protection, amongst others.

We have also invested our resources in developing digital efficiency tools such as Optimizer, a multi-energy management solution which consolidates all fuel, lubricant and electricity usage and consumption information, analyses it for efficiencies and provides visualized data reports that inform business actions.

These innovations are driven by our corporate strategic vision and our support to implement IEA's 2°C scenario, aimed at keeping global warming below 2°C. This is based on three drivers; energy efficiency, adapting fossil fuels and developing sources of renewable energy. We are therefore seeking to provide solutions to a societal problem, through a sound and socially responsible business model.

Through this, we aim to

  • produce, process and supply affordable energy while meeting the highest HSE standards
  • supply a responsible energy mix consistent with the IEA’s 2°C scenario (toward gas, LNG, renewables)
  • introduce solutions that promote responsible energy use by our customers
  • be recognised for our convenient, quality local service

For more information on how TotalEnergies can create efficiencies within the energy consumption framework of your business, get in touch with John Sibiya, +27 11 778 2452, +27 82 569 5045,