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Paarden Eiland Wetlands

First identified in 1982 as an extremely bio-diverse ecosystem, Paarden Eiland Wetland was earmarked to promote the conservation of bio-diverse areas within the Cape Metropolitan area.

Stone Dragon works with children of all ages, especially previously disadvantaged children, in environmental awareness by means of field experiences that are intense yet scientifically meaningful.            

Totalgaz is proud to be part of this uplifting programme that provides children with the possibility to discover the world and its marvels.


Kruger National Park

Visitors to the Kruger National Park will be able to enjoy the availability of gas throughout the park thanks to Totalgaz’s involvement in conservation by funding the upgrade of gas equipment in all kitchen facilities and by providing the Kruger Park with a delivery truck that has been converted to gas power.

So keep your eyes peeled for a completely new animal roaming the roads!

The purpose of this project is to distribute gas bottles in the park while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprints left behind by humans.

For Totalgaz, the environment is the most important role player in this project that ensures sustainability of nature and its resources.

TotalEnergies, being the fourth largest oil and gas company in the world, has been involved in the park since 1959 and is now consolidating its presence with the involvement of Totalgaz.